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A gourmet (16th Nov 22 at 5:31am UTC)
Talking in the middle of the night, until Su Wanwan covered his mouth and yawned, the little bell said, "Look, you're tired, go to rest first, I'll go to bed after tidying up these things." "Well, I'll make up with you here first, and you can rest quickly." The black boy was not very old, and she thought that the little bell was just a young man. She didn't think so much at all, and she didn't care about anything about men and women. Lying in bed in the blink of an eye, she was already sleepy, but in a daze, she felt someone coming in, barely blinked her eyes, and saw something she could never imagine. The room was only separated by a layer of cloth, but she saw a person bathing, the important thing is, the person bathing or a woman? Prominent feminine features and long, shoulder-length hair. Gently get up, Su bowl bowl carefully walked to the curtain side,push back racking system, please lift up secretly to see, it is indeed a small bell. You're a woman. Why didn't you say so? Su Wanwan groaned at the little bell and asked. Well, don't you know? I thought you knew. The little bell quickly picked up his clothes and put them on. I know a ghost, your dark face is very safe to hide the reality that you are a woman. Holding her chest in her hands, Su looked at her and said. If I had known she was a woman, she could have helped her transform, ah, such a dark girl,heavy duty metal racks, even if the beauty was so black, I could not see it! "Anyway, I've been like this since I was a child, and people have always treated me like a man. There's nothing wrong with that." The little bell said that he had put on his clothes. Very calm woman, she saw a kind of transcendent illusion on the little bell, feeling as if she had experienced some great event of life-and-death struggle! "No, women should dress themselves well. I'll take you shopping tomorrow morning and clean up your face." Black face must be improved, such a good face with a pair of attractive Danfeng eyes, if the skin becomes white, it will certainly be beautiful. Confirmed that the little bell is a woman, the natural time at night can sleep together, a small bed sleeping two women, naturally seems a little crowded. In the morning, when she was still sleeping, cantilever racking system ,asrs warehouse, the little bell had already got up and started business, preparing the ingredients for the day, but when it was almost noon, she found that the ingredients in her hands were not enough. The little bell could only go into the room and shout to the woman who was still lazy in bed, "You get up first and help me look at the shop, and I'll go to the market to buy some food."? Black chicken and seasonal vegetables are no longer enough. "All right, I'll get up right away." Sitting up in a daze, Su began to dress. After she cleaned up, the little bell had gone, watching the time for the final meal, the guests outside also gradually came in, the little bell did not say how long to go out? Now so many people came for the hot pot, after thinking about it, she could only prepare the material herself. Wait a moment, and I'll prepare the bottom of the pot for you right away. The small hot pot in the shop is all a big stove, no matter you all use a big pot, it is troublesome to make, that is, the ingredients should be fast. Several tables in the living room were filled one after another, and she was busy serving dishes while helping the guests at the next table with the bottom of the pot. Don't worry, I'm too busy here. Su Wanwan looked anxious to be urged to serve the food. Young childe don't worry, let's take our time, today's taste is better than the day before yesterday, the taste is more fragrant, brush to eat vegetables taste better, your family changed the formula? A familiar uncle paced to the front of Su's bowl of side dishes and looked at her. Uncle, you give way first, and I'll talk to you later. She wants to put the bottom of the pot on another table. All right, you go ahead. Where's the swarthy guy before? Why does this look so white and tender today? The uncle snorted and continued to stand and look at her busy figure. When the little bell came back, Su Wanwan was chatting happily with the uncle. I bought a little too much food today and I delayed some time. Have you finished it all? The little bell looked at the table full of people and said. Yeah, I'm not very busy. My family was busy before. I talked to the uncle just now. He said that the town was going to prepare a food competition. I haven't decided what to cook yet? I said it was better to cook hot pot, and he seemed to be very satisfied.
” "He is Lord Yang, who specializes in the cuisine of the whole town. It seems that the hot pot you cook is very appetizing to him." The little bell looked at Su Wanwan with adoration in her eyes, and now she found that the woman disguised as a man could not be ignored. The hot pot dish she made is more than a hundred times better than hers simply because of its convenient taste. I added some other seasonings to the hot pot dish you made, and the most important thing to make hot pot dish is that the ingredients must be complete. Only soy sauce, vinegar and salt are not enough here. We will discuss it again another day to build the first gourmet shop. "Well, listen to you. I'll follow you later." The little bell decided to pay attention, and later followed Su Wanwan to learn from his teacher. If he had a chance another day, he would kowtow to his teacher. Busy until noon, suddenly came a guest in her expectation-Tang Yu. Crazy woman, who the hell let you out? Come back with me. Tang Yu grabbed her arm, the strength of the grasp is very big, this woman actually quietly came out privately, God knows how worried he is about her, outside that many people are eyeing her this big fat meat. Didn't you say there was a food competition in the town? I'll come and have a look and learn by the way. Anyway, in the small town under Tangmen, no one should dare to act so boldly under the eyes of Tangmen. Do you believe everything I say? Do you see a food competition now? It's so stupid. Who will protect your life if the dark cook comes again? He said that the food competition was not yet ready,heavy duty rack manufacturers, but she was very happy to come down so early. You can rest assured that no one dares to hurt me under your eyes. She's pretty sure about that. Where do you get so much confidence? Tang Yu casually glanced at the woman beside him, the corners of his mouth gently raised with a smile, he liked her to believe him so much.
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