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Move to hunt the wasteland (16th Nov 22 at 5:31am UTC)
Feng Mengsheng sat back on the sofa again, but at this time the inner strength of his right arm suddenly gathered automatically, as if something had bounced off. Feng Mengsheng looked around with some curiosity. The feeling just now was not strange. Generally, if an insect wants to get close to it, it will naturally react not to get close. It's just that it's so cold here in Antarctica that there are mosquitoes and gnats flying around? Although the temperature of the ice palace is much higher than that of the Antarctic surface, and the temperature inside the room is even higher, Feng Mengsheng was very surprised. Just that shock, perhaps the bug has fainted, if it does not move, but it is not easy to see at a glance. Feng Mengsheng turned his eyes twice before he wanted to give up, but on the carpet in front of him, a small black spot was constantly jumping up, a jump was half a person's height, which did not matter, the strange thing was that the small black spot was constantly jumping up and down in situ, not like a normal insect at all. Feng Mengsheng's eyes swept over, and the little black spot suddenly stopped again, stopping on the pure white carpet. It was an eyesore. It looked like a flea or something like that. Feng Mengsheng was wondering when the little flea shot again and went straight to Feng Mengsheng's face. What kind of bug is this? Feng Meng-sheng was taken aback, and with a little bit of inner strength, the black spot immediately hit the opposite wall, and then slipped into the corner. As soon as this breath of True Qi hit, all the insects and fleas should have been crushed to pieces,shuttle rack system, but contrary to his wishes, Feng Mengsheng, who was paying attention to the corner, immediately saw the black spot appear again and bounced towards himself. Could it be that he or Qiao Mengjuan brought back the monster of the Old Continent? Feng Mengsheng was so surprised that he turned around and pulled out his sword. The purple sword was moving faintly. If he hadn't been worried about destroying Qiao Mengjuan's residence, he might have blown it out with a sword. The flea seemed to be alert. When Feng Mengsheng pulled out his sword, it stopped immediately. After a few seconds, the flea suddenly moved quickly on the carpet, not knowing what he was busy with. Watching the flea's every move,industrial racking systems, the strange flea moved quite fast, crawling and jumping on the pure white carpet, moving in a straight line like a black line in the daytime, Feng Mengsheng looked at it suddenly, the flea seemed to be writing on the carpet.. Luo? Feng Mengsheng exclaimed, "Lauren?" As soon as the sound came out, the flea stopped immediately and jumped twice in front of Feng Mengsheng. Feng Mengsheng said in surprise, "You.." It's not a flea? The flea jumped toward Feng Mengsheng again. Although Feng Mengsheng was still a little wary this time, he finally let the flea jump on his body. The flea did not seem to want to stop. It jumped all the way to Feng Mengsheng's face. Although Feng Mengsheng could not see it, he could detect the direction of the flea from the strength of his body surface, only to feel that it suddenly bounced into his right ear and then slowly climbed inward. No matter whether there is a person who practices martial arts or not, it will never be comfortable to have a worm crawling into his ear. Feng Mengsheng hurriedly said, "Wait a minute." The flea stopped immediately. At the same time, Feng Mengsheng heard a buzzing sound. He thought about it and poured it into the flea. He heard a tiny voice saying, "I am Lauren." Fleas can talk! Surprised and delighted, warehousing storage solutions ,mobile racking systems, Feng Mengsheng opened his eyes wide and did not know how to react. The flea waited for a moment, but did not see Feng Mengsheng's reply. Suddenly, he climbed inside again. Feng Mengsheng said hurriedly, "I heard you." "I didn't say it earlier." Lauren chuckled, and the flea crawled back a few steps. "As long as I stop here, I can hear everything you say, even the sound," she added. This does not seem to be good news. Feng Mengsheng was about to frown when Lauren cleverly went on to say, "But I have something to discuss with you before I climb in, otherwise I will stay at the back of your head. At that time, I can hear you speak in the usual way." If this is really acceptable, Feng Mengsheng said in surprise: "You come so fast?"? What is this? Transforming living things? "No, it's purely mechanical." Lauren said, "I'm still in the South Island, and I'm communicating with you through this." Feng Mengsheng hesitated and said, "Won't you come over?" "I have to arrange my identity before I can find a way to sneak in. It will take a little time." Lauren suddenly smiled and said, "You love that little beauty very much.".
” Feng Mengsheng suddenly remembered that if this strange insect had already sneaked into Qiao Mengjuan's residence, then when he came back with Qiao Mengjuan's lingering, it was not clearly seen by Lauren. Thinking of this, Feng Mengsheng's old face could not help blushing slightly, and he did not know how to answer. Lauren was generous. She chuckled a few times before saying, "Don't be impatient. I won't be jealous anyway." Feng Mengsheng said, "I'm still not used to it." "Don't worry." "Actually, I wasn't watching it," Lauren quipped. "I suspended it." Feng Mengsheng did not believe, he sighed but thought of another thing, if this thing is strong listening and reading ability, hidden in the side of the hidden who can find? Feng Mengsheng was slightly surprised and said, "No wonder you can spy on secrets." "Not necessarily." Lauren said: "Wei Tong above may have the ability to detect a small amount of radio waves in and out, although Miss Qiao may not be able to, I still shut down according to the standard process." So they can't detect the master. That can be a lot of peace of mind, but then again, how can they not be aware of it? Thinking of this, Feng Mengsheng was a little discouraged. Lauren went on to say, "There are 1,542 detectors of this kind in the Ice Palace, 135 of which have two-way functions and can be replenished at any time, so you don't have to worry about the safety of this flea at all. If there is any damage, I will control another one to get close to you." "I see." Feng Mengsheng shook his head and said, "But are there fleas in this world of ice and snow?"? Have you ever been suspected? "Don't worry." Lauren said with a laugh, "Not to mention that the temperature of the Ice Palace is only near the freezing point. Even if the temperature is lower, there are fleas, but the activity is poor. Besides fleas, there are smaller red spiders, which are also the original creatures in Antarctica. However, because of their small size, they are only equipped with one-way reception function and can not send messages." "That's good." After all, I am not in front of,drive in racking system, Feng Mengsheng's head is easier to turn back to business, he nodded and said: "I just met with the new emperor, Yu Zhe..." 。
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