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Love all one's life (16th Nov 22 at 5:15am UTC)
Lin Miao shook his head sadly. "I don't know. I don't know what this pervert did. My father thought he was the same as Uncle Ji.". But Uncle Ji seems to already know, after all, they are all in that circle. But he didn't say it. He didn't embarrass me. "Miao Miao." Cheng Cheng gave Lin Miao the equivalent of $150,000: "Miao Miao, this is $150,000. I reduced some of the rent of my boss. He paid in advance for one year." Lin Miao said anxiously, "What about you and aunt?" Don't worry, I can earn my living expenses by working. It's much better now, and it's OK to have living expenses. Mom is so frugal. You don't have to worry. Lin Miao nodded, at this time can only be so. The two people tacitly did not continue the topic. Lin Miao lived as usual, and she coquettishly asked Ji Liang to cook for her at home. Uncle Ji, I want to go to Lin Xin to have a look. You have to miss me. Ji Liang Lala Lin Miao's long hair: "I will never forget the loveliest Miao Miao." Ji Liang looked at the girl with a heavy heart with pity, and he understood that Lin Miao was trying to avoid Jiang Xiuren. Lin Miao ended his short substitute teaching career. Jiang Xiuren was very busy during this period. He was always seen in the public security programs on TV. Lin Miao was so happy that he occasionally went to him on his own initiative and asked him to put down his work and accompany him. Lin Miao drove his car to the Public Security Bureau. She has only been here once and has been honored to be widely visited. Seeing the policeman at the door looking at herself inquiringly, she thought about it and made a phone call to Jiang Xiuren. Jiang Xiuren received her phone call, very strange: "Miao Miao?"? What's the matter? Lin Miao brewed an emotion: "I am downstairs." Lin Miaojiao said. Jiang Xiuren laughed: "You give the phone to the police on duty." Lin Miao handed over the phone: "Hello,garden jacuzzi tub, Jiang Da, please answer the phone." The kind policeman personally took Lin Miao to Jiang Xiuren's office. His office is not very big, but it is surprisingly neat. There is a camp bed against the wall, and there are several photos with foreign policemen on the wall, and the background is obviously abroad. Jiang Xiuren closed the door,China spa factory, picked up Lin Miao, went to the sofa and sat down: "Why are you so good today?"? Come here to see me. Lin Miao touched his handsome face and said confusedly, "You are really a handsome pot." The person who was praised laughed: "Miao Miao, this is not a good place." Lin Miao's face turned red again. Jiang Xiuren heavily kissed his charming red lips, put down Lin Miao, pulled her and ran out: "Go, Miao Miao who skipped work to accompany me today." (Delete 900 words here) Jiang Xiuren, who was holding Lin Miao to the Sunshine Club, was looked at ambiguously by everyone, and everyone knew what the two had just done. The blush on Lin Miao's face did not recede, and the whole person gave off the laziness that had been thoroughly moistened. The super short princess skirt like the CD strapless with high value, hot tub wholesale ,jacuzzi suppliers, the long legs which are firm, slender and full of vitality are under the uniform skirt; the eyes are misty with enjoyment; the delicate little face has no trace of cosmetics; the light frankincense stimulates the senses of the people passing by. Sitting not far away, Zhao Gang, the son of the provincial governor, said to the crowd in their circle, "Sometimes, you have to admire Jiang Laoer's eye for picking women." Zhao Gang and Jiang Xiuren have never dealt with each other, and their friendship is barely maintained. Zhao Gang also took a fancy to Lin Miao, but he never thought that this woman was Lin Zhi's daughter. Jiang Xiuren went to socialize, and Lin Miao sat bored in front of the bar listening to young singers singing campus songs. A fragrant breeze wafted into Lin Miao's nose. A woman sat beside Lin Miao and said to the bartender, "Xiaozhi, my wine.". Why do you seem to have more non-members here recently? With that, he took a look at Lin Miao. Lin Miao drank a little too much, and she turned to look at the woman who was provoking her. The woman is very tall, gaudy to the extreme beauty. Big wavy hair, delicate makeup, properly matched with her dress, slim evening dress showed her a large snow back. It was a good time to be in the prime of life, and men were attracted by the woman's snowy back. The woman took one look at Lin Miao and said with a smile, "Miss Lin, I'll buy you a drink." Lin Miao removed his glass and said, "Thank you. I never drink from strangers.".
” "You!" The woman's contorted face immediately changed into a new one: "Miss Lin, are you kidding?"? You don't know me? I am Li Meixian, vice president of Jianghe Group. Lin Miao chuckled, "I only know a third-rate has-been star in Hong Kong named Li Meixian.". I really don't know you. You! Don't be too proud! Ren won't be interested in you for long. Li Meixian was calm and relaxed, thinking that she had no reason to show her timidity in front of a little girl. Lin Miao shrugged his shoulders: "I hope more than anyone that Miss Li's inference can be proved as quickly as possible.". At that time, maybe I will come to drink this glass of wine from Vice President Li. "What proof?" Jiang Xiuren's pleasant voice came from behind Lin Miao. Ren ~ "Li Meixian is like a new person, she jumped down and lay down in Jiang Xiuren's arms.". Jiang Xiuren gently pushed her away, frowning beautiful eyebrows: "Ah Xian..." Lin Miao felt that her acting skills had regressed. She couldn't even pretend to be jealous. Lin Miao felt that the singers on the stage had a much better tone than the dog men and women. Jiang Xiuren looked at this immature white-eyed wolf. He held Lin Miao in his arms and sat in Lin Miao's seat. He shook his head and pinched Lin Miao's high nose: "My Miao Miao is a little white-eyed wolf. It seems that you hate me to the extreme now. Your acting skills have regressed to the point that you can't even pretend to be jealous." Jiang Xiuren looked at Lin Miao's eyes full of love and spoiling: "But what should I do?"? My darling, I, Jiang Xiuren, am subject to your set. Li Meixian, who was left cold, was obviously petrified. But Lin Miao did not let her go: "Vice President Li,outdoor spa manufacturers, you also heard that what I just told you was the truth.". So you can't find me. If you have the ability, you can find your man to settle accounts. What is the ability to find a weak woman who is so much younger than you?! Vice President Li, you are at least 9 or 10 years older than me. I think you know better than me that face is given by others and lost by yourself. 。
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