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Beauty like jade, sword like rainbow (16th Nov 22 at 5:08am UTC)
Shen Zongyi was furious, his eyes flashed, and he caught a glimpse of a dark shadow, which flashed away more than ten feet away! At this time, he was extremely resentful of the murderers who had repeatedly killed him, and he was eager to find out who was behind him, so he immediately ran after the shadow without any consideration. By the time Yue Qianqian and Mammy Bai arrived from the shop, the courtyard was empty, except for a caravan and two dead horses, there was still a figure there? Yue Qianqian lost her voice and said, "He.. He He's gone again. "It doesn't matter if we leave," said Mammy Bai. "We all live in the west anyway. We'll have a chance to meet in the future.." In Yue Qianqian's wonderful eyes, there were tears rolling again, but she tried her best to endure, just sighed in a low voice, and walked back with Mammy Bai. Alene OCR Xiaoxiang Academy Exclusive Serialization : The fifth chapter skillful words into a book Another valley! Shen Zongyi's body, like lightning, flashed into the valley, but there was no one around. Not surprisingly, he thought to himself that although he dared not say that he looked down on the world and was the best in the world, there were few people in the martial arts world who could surpass himself in any aspect, such as softness, hardness and lightness. Just now, the forward shadow was sixteen or seventeen feet away. He came all the way, but failed to shorten the distance. He was very surprised at the other side's flying skills. If he lost him,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, wouldn't it be a joke? Shen Zongyi moved in his heart and saw everything in the valley. This place is a valley of death, with a total radius of ten Zhangs. Except for a pile of craggy rocks in the west, there are not many grass and trees, and there seems to be no place for Tibetans. Distant see forward shadow, clearly into the valley, why not trace? According to the local environment, Shen Zongyi thought that the man must be hiding behind the craggy rocks, so his body flashed slightly and he "crossed the boat in the wild." He flew several feet across and rose in the air. He shouted coldly, "My friend,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, don't hide any more. Please come out and let me see you. Who are you?" Voice is not, people have vertical to the pile of strange rocks above, catch a glimpse of their own has been wrong, empty behind the stone, where there is half a figure? Shen Zongyi said, "Eh!" Just as he was feeling ashamed of himself, he suddenly heard someone laughing and saying, "I'm neither a God nor a saint. I'm just a scholar. My friends don't have to go far and show off their flying skills. I'll be waiting in the valley to teach!" Shen Zongyi's ears were hot, and when he looked back, his heart suddenly told him! It turned out that as soon as he entered the mouth of the valley, there was a protruding stone between the walls, which just blocked Shen Zongyi's eyes, and he could not see that the other side was already standing on the stone. Now that the man had spoken and jumped to the ground, Zhuo Li Taniguchi made Shen Zongyi clearly see that he was a Xuanyi scholar who was four or five years older than himself. With a sense of shame in his heart, he stopped performing any flying skills and walked slowly back to Taniguchi.
The Xuanyi scholar looked very handsome, and his eyes were bright, so he could see that he was right but not evil. He looked up and down at Shen Zongyi, raised his eyebrows, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and asked, "This man has been chasing me all the way. Can you tell me the reason?" Shen Zongyi returned the salute and replied, "a good friend's horse was killed in the stable of the Man Ting Fang Hotel. In order to investigate this matter.." Xuanyi said with a smile, "Oh, so my dear brother took me for a horse killer?" Shen Zongyi said, "If you say so, could it be that you happened to pass by and made me misunderstand?" Xuanyi Scholar said, "I'm not passing by, but I'm looking for someone in several hotels and hostels in that small array, so that I can kill him!" Shen Zongyi was stunned by the last words of these words? The Xuanyi scholar raised his eyebrows and looked like lightning in his eyes. "No wonder my dear brother misunderstood me," he said with a loud laugh. "Because I admit that I am a'killer ', but I am determined to call for'killing' openly. I will never go to kill a horse secretly in a dirty and boring way!" Seeing that Shen Zongyi had not answered immediately, he took out a jade tablet from his bosom and handed it over, saying, "My dear brother, if you still have doubts, please look at this jade tablet and you will know who I am. You can also believe that I haven't said a single empty word since I came out of Jianghu." Finish saying, in the hand jade card, suddenly turns over, holds in the palm of the hand. Shen Zongyi looked at the rectangular jade tablet with two red hearts engraved in the middle, but one of them had been cut to pieces by sharp objects such as swords! Shen Zongyi had heard of the origin of this jade tablet before he disappeared. When he saw it, he asked in astonishment, "So you are Xiao Yang, the'ruthless swordsman 'who is famous all over the world!" As soon as Xiao Yangfang nodded, Shen Zongyi folded his fists again and asked, "Master Xiao, I have two more things. I have a little doubt. Would you like to ask me?" "My dear fellow," said Hsiao Yang, "I admire your elegant demeanor. If you have anything to say, just say it." Shen Zongyi did not ask a question. Suddenly, Jian Mei Yi Xuan intoned in a loud voice: "It's less than money and less than fame. A good head is thrown lightly.." When Xiao Yang heard Shen Zongyi's voice, he nodded his head and said, "Yes, this is a slang sentence written by myself. I didn't expect it to come to my dear brother's ears. It serves to show that my dear brother is knowledgeable and admirable." Shen Zongyi said, "I would like to ask Daxia Xiao for advice on the first line of this poem. It's not only because of profit, but also because of fame. Why should I be a'killer '?" Xiao Yang said with a wry smile, "My dear brother asked in the first sentence, and Xiao Yang answered in the second.." Shen Zongyi frowned and said, The second sentence? The second sentence is "a good head is thrown lightly". Xiao Yang sighed and said, "Yes, when a real man is alive, the last thing he should do is to accept the kindness of others. Xiao Yang can have a small'profit 'and a small'fame', but he can't forget the'kindness'. Once someone gives an order with a'thought ', I can't excuse myself, so I have to throw the'good head lightly'!" Shen Zongyi also sighed to himself: "That'Seven Swords God King 'is for a'color' word, and Xiao Daxia is for a'grace 'word. It seems that besides'fame and wealth', there are still other things that entangle people!" With a surprised look on Xiao Yang's face, Shen Zongyi spontaneously said, "Master Xiao, now I want to ask the second question. I hope you will understand." "My dear brother," said Hsiao Yang, "just ask me. If Hsiao Yang can answer, he will. If he is really in trouble, he will have no choice but to accept your fate." "Master Xiao is willing to be a'killer 'in order to repay his kindness, but I don't know if the person you want to kill is me." Without thinking about it,304 Stainless Steel Bar, Xiao Yang shook his head at Shen Zongyi and said with a smile, "No, no.".
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