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Dust at the bottom of the sword - Posted By Dover (dover) on 16th Nov 22 at 5:11am
"This.." "Otherwise, I will destroy you, break one leg and one hand, and let you escape." I.. I'll kneel, I'll kneel. The five-clawed eagle screamed. Get out and get on your knees. He shouted angrily and threw the five-clawed eagle out of the house. The people in the shop watched him eat calmly. At the end of the meal, he checked out and went to the five-clawed eagle crawling at the door of the shop. Two people say sullenly: "You these two do not know the thief thing of ego!"! Knowing the fate of the white-collar men in Nanchang, You dare to be a hero, but you are afraid of death and have no backbone. Kill you and pollute my hands. Spare your lives. Go back and tell Into Yunlong, let him stay out of it, so as not to waste his life. At the same time, he warned those who overrated themselves that Fang was not allowed to have the same sex again. This kind of situation happens, and then come out to try to be brave, kill without mercy, send you two heads, give me a quick roll, roll as far as possible. Don't let Fang see your face again. As expected, his clever move to kill the chicken and silence the monkey had achieved the desired effect, and Jianghu did it when the heroes in Nanchang were punished. Who dares to ask for trouble this time? Therefore, except for some people who have had a life friendship with Xiao and Shang, Everyone else is holding back. The next day, from Chen to Ba, no Wulin people could be seen on the Hongshan Road. The people who come and go are all villagers, and the people of Jianghu have died out. Trace. Hongshan, formerly known as Dongshan, is about ten miles away from the city. This is a hill, with luxuriant forests, scattered fruit trees and green bamboos. It is a secluded summer resort. Hongshan Temple at the foot of the mountain, formerly known as Baotong Temple, was moved from Dahongshan Mountain in Suizhou. Yes, the main Bodhisattva worshipped is the Zen Master Lingci Cilien, who did not hesitate to break his feet and throw himself into the dragon because of praying for rain. The temple is fifteen miles away from the city. You can see the magnificent floating map. This is a large temple with towering halls and dozens of buildings. It is the largest temple in the suburbs. There is Wu Shengyue in front of the temple. The ancient pines planted by Wu Mu are very precious because of their popularity. There are more than two hundred monks in the temple, and usually there are twenty or thirty in the guest courtyard. The reading disciples of a big family send their reading inside, and the sound of reading corresponds to the sound of Sanskrit Zen singing, which is another kind of realm. Xiao and Shang Zhiyuan are just one of the monks with great fame but not high status. They are responsible for managing a place in the north of the temple. Mu big vegetable garden, there are four senior monks, the supply of vegetables and fruits in the temple, the residence is about three miles away from the temple. Except for the fifteenth day of the first lunar month or other important lessons, the five monks seldom returned to the temple to do their lessons; At that time, life as a monk was extremely poor,Pi tape measure, and the bigger the temple was, the less freedom it was. They must cultivate their own crops, beg for alms and do Buddhist services carelessly. They are so busy all day long that they are dizzy. If you are not busy, how can you exclude and Born with seven emotions and six desires? The laughing monk himself was already fifty years old, and the four old monks under him in the cailiao outside the temple were mediocre old men. He himself was also an optimistic monk who did not abide by the rules. He often went out and did not see each other for ten days and a half months. It was very common in the temple. Even the Abbot can't control him. Last night, in the middle of the night, he received a calligraphy letter from Fang Shiting, who had been transferred from the temple. He left the vegetable shop where he was staying until the second time. When he returned to the temple in the evening, he had a clever arrangement. He was not a person who was afraid of trouble. There were no ghosts in Cailiao this morning. At the beginning of the afternoon, Fang Shiting's jade robe fluttered, and with his bare hands, he stepped on the fiery sun and arrived at Dongshan Village, three or four miles west of the temple. From a distance, I saw the spire of Hongshan Temple; In half an hour. It's early. There are only thirty or forty families in Dongshan Village, which is located at the southernmost end of Wangzhuang Village of the Prince of Chu. They are all poor people who live in poverty and have little farmland. Household. The main road passes through the north of the village, the pine forest beside the road is windy and empty, and a group of crows call endlessly in the forest. Fang Shiting came with great strides. Suddenly he heard two dry coughs in front of him, and then someone was singing in a vague voice; "On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the gate of the temple opens. Where is the cow's head?"! Horse face, Fiberglass tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, two, two rows, cough cough! Two, two rows on both sides. The figure appeared; it was a middle-aged sour man with a stick of wine lake reed, dressed as a villager, drunk and hazy eyes, staggering at the foot, looking at the light. Jing, already eight or nine points of alcohol, step by step to meet the face.
Followed by a young man, one hand on the drunk's right arm, shouted: "Uncle, can not drink again, again!" Drink "Less than rudeness, you dare to commit nonsense?"? You You little monkey for.. Go back for me. Drunkard Call in a confused way. Uncle, if you drink any more, you'll have to lie down! "Life is hard.." A few rare.. Drunk a few times, drunk and. And not very good? Uh. Good, good wine. With that, he staggered to a halt and gulped down more than ten mouthfuls of wine. Fang Guai laughed and said, "Little monkey, I.." Not drunk, look, uncle. The heart is clear, uh! I With the sound of "Peng", the drunk fell down, turned over and laughed wildly, raised the wine gourd high, and the wine clattered to him. Indecent. Suddenly, like a stroke, 'clatter, hands down, head a tilt, loss of consciousness. The little monkey ran up, picked up the drunk's head and shouted, "Uncle!"! Uncle! Ah Fang Shiting was close to five or six feet away. The little monkey suddenly let go. Retreat and ran to the village, screaming, "Help!"! The second uncle is out of breath, out of breath, dead. Fang Shiting was stunned when he heard the sound and hurried closer, only to smell the fragrance of the wine. He crouched down, stretched out his hand, snorted a drunk, and ran. Out of the little monkey called: "Come back quickly, never mind, he is not dead …" Uh! What's the matter, this is. Before he had finished speaking, the drunkard put his finger on the vital part of his seven ridges, and then hit him in the ear with a flying "poof"; "Well.." He cried out, and suddenly fainted and fell to the ground. The drunk jumped up, laughed wildly, grabbed him, punched him five times in the chest and abdomen, loosened his hand, and he leapt out. The drunkard ran up and grabbed him again to see if he had fainted. Then he looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. After laughing, he said, "Excuse me, Fang Shiting." Evil like a ghost, ruthless like a tiger, but also with the way of Hao Wu in my drunken life, ha ha! Younger generation, have you happy,horse weight tape, ha! Ha ha ha Go Then he shouldered Fang Shiting on his shoulder and shouted to the little monkey standing in the distance, "Little monkey, don't bother inside.".